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TEDxSanFrancisco stage and audience


2017: Dare to Know

In early 2017, I volunteered to be the Design Lead for TEDxSanFrancisco’s October conference. In the year prior, TEDxSanFrancisco had a weak and unestablished brand presence. I worked closely with the organizer and a small core team to develop the new brand identity and produce key assets for the event.


Chief Designer: Jessica Wen

Lead Designer: Myself

Motion Designer: Japheth Crawford

Web Designer: Zachary Dahan

9-up style guide

The brand

We extended the TED brand and created a simple identity system that often used graphic elements to reveal content, a nod to the concept of discovery. Visuals were created for each speaker and used for social media promotion as well as introduction slides played on screen during the programme.

Portrait of Omoju Miller in X graphic
Animated intro of Mar Cabra in X graphic
TEDxSanFrancisco 2017 website

The website

I lead and managed a complete redesign of the website. The site not only houses information on the conference, it is a hub for all talks that came from the TEDxSanFrancisco chapter. New layouts were set up for the existing content and acted as a basis for those subsequent. 

TEDxSanFrancisco 2017 website
Graphics of 4 themes: Precision, Currencies, Empathy, Intelligence
Graphic printed on a T-shirt
Social media post on a mobile device
X graphics on a black tote bag
Event stage and audience


Special thanks to Sam De Brouwer for curating TEDxSanFrancisco, Jess Wen and Japheth Crawford for our work on the design, and Gene Hwang for photographing the event.

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