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Hi, my name is Amelie. I am a multi-disciplinary graphic designer and an analytical thinker. I have experience in branding, identity systems, communications, campaigns, web design, product design and more. I like to be versatile, attentive and thoughtful in the way I approach my work (and maybe a little cheeky too).

I like drawing, traveling, visiting museums, thinking about things like intersectionality and thinking about things in general.

Most recently I was a designer at Twitter. Before that, I was a senior designer at ueno. and at Moving Brands. Below is a small sample of clients I've worked with to date.



I have a page on my site dedicated to miscellaneous bits and pieces of design, either from past projects or random pockets of exploration.

I've written an informal essay on my experience working in the U.S. for over 8 years, mostly as an H1B worker. If you're interested in the topic, please check it out.


I'm currently in the middle of a contract engagement and might be available for freelance work in May. If you’d like to chat, feel free to find me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.


Additionally, ping me if you'd like the password to view the UI design page on the site, or if you'd like to learn more about my experience on certain projects I haven't been able to candidly represent here. Thanks!

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