A new brand
for Vudu

Vudu is a media company owned by Walmart, where customers can buy, rent, or stream movies and shows online. The Vudu team engaged with Moving Brands to re-establish their brand, tone of voice, and positioning in the market to have a stronger impact on a wider audience beyond their existing, narrow demographic.

(Note: The work shown here reflects what our team delivered, and unfortunately is not how the Vudu brand is presented today.)


Creative Director: James Trump

Project Manager: Katie Beneicke

Designer: Matt Harris

Designer: Myself

Copywriter: Michael Meyer

The Power of Movie Night

We held interviews and workshops with the team at Vudu to really understand what they were about at the core of the company. It all boiled down to being passionate about film and TV, and being able to give everyone easy access to the entertainment they love. We worked with Vudu to establish a new tone of voice, market positioning, and visual identity.

Creative Direction

One of the key graphic elements in the identity system is a series of round, tapering shapes. They are an extension of the spark within the Walmart logo—an intentional nod to the relationship of the companies. The sparks can have a number of behaviors and add both personality and energy to Vudu’s visual identity.

A Flexible System

Because of Vudu’s nature as an entertainment and media business, it was crucial to create an identity system that both expressed the Vudu brand and worked harmoniously with key art from every kind of film and show.



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