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Zagat logo surrounded by close crop of sunglasses, a coffee mug, and decorative plant

An ad campaign to launch a new Zagat

Moving Brands worked with Zagat on its latest ad campaign to raise awareness and adoption of its new iPhone app and brand refresh for a new generation of users. I was involved throughout the whole process: brainstorming, concepting, prop sourcing, and designing the creative assets.

We had the amazing opportunity to work with photographer Maria del Rio and food stylist Natasha Kolenko to shoot assets for this campaign. The overall concept is tied to Zagat’s more holistic system of restaurant rating that considers food, service and decor. The ad campaign launched in 2016 and was live across various websites and social media platforms.


Creative Director: James Trump

Designer: Myself

Designer: Hiromi Suzuki

Food stylist at work
Photographer at work
Food stylist spritzing something onto a pizza
Previewing raw photos on a laptop
Objects captured from above: sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, a plate of raspberries and macarons
Example ad: A better taste of what's out there.
Example ad: The best restaurants at your fingertips.
Example ad: Experience the new five stars.
Example ad: Nothing but great restaurants.
Screenshot of comms on Facebook
Screenshot of comms on Instagram

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