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Paul holding an iPhone with the Asana log-in screen displayed

Rebranding Asana

Asana is an SaaS that helps teams collaborate and manage their tasks better to maximize productivity. Moving Brands collaborated with the Asana team to help rebrand and reposition their company. I was part of the creative team and contributed to the workstream, from logo concepting to the exploration and delivery of visual identity directions.

To see more about the whole process of Asana’s rebrand, visit Moving Brand’s casestudy page, or read about it in a Medium article published by the Asana team.


Creative Director: Aki Shelton

Project Manager: Katie Beneicke

Designer: Michael Taylor

Designer: Kevin Wong

Designer: Myself

Designer: Caitlin Barker

Copywriter: Michael Meyer

Photo of a workshop with a couple of Asana stakeholders
"Do great things together"
Three gradients: orange to coral red, cyan to light green, coral red to bright purple. Emulating the 3 different times of day.
Asana symbol and wordmark construction
Asana product on desktop and tablet (from 2015)
Mockup of 3 posters with circular graphics and messaging

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